Our products and solution to meet every need

Viac ako dve dekády sme Vašim dôveryhodným partnerom v oblasti výroby a dodávania polyetylénových fólií.

20+ years of experience

For more than two decades, we have been your trusted partner in the manufacturing and supply of polyethylene film.

Spoľahlivo pokrývame Vaše dopyty po udržateľnom obalovom materiále z LDPE a HDPE aj väčších objemov v širokom spektre odvetví.

3.000+ tons annual production capacity

We reliably meet your demands for sustainable LDPE / HDPE packaging materials in large volumes across a wide range of industries.

Naše kvalitne vybudované zázemie nám vždy poskytuje stabilitu pre úspešný rast Vášho podnikania.

1.200 m2 of production and storage space

Our well-established infrastructure provides us with stability for the successful growth of your business.

Naše PE fólie spĺňajú aktuálne vysoké požiadavky na environmentálnu udržateľnosť a sú certifikované na vhodnosť pre priamy styk s potravinami.

100% recyclability and food safety

Our PE film meets the current high requirements for environmental sustainability and is certified for suitability in direct contact with food.

S optimalizáciou parametrov PE baliaceho materiálu na mieru zákazníkom. Nehľadáme dôvody toho, čo nie je možné. Nachádzame spôsoby, ktoré fungujú.

Smart manufacturing

By optimizing the parameters of PE packaging material according to customer needs, we don’t seek reasons for what is not possible. Instead, we find solutions that work.

PETRIO pe ldpe hdpe vodiaci valec

5 reasons to opt for our polyethylene film

  1. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to produce sustainable LDPE/HDPE packaging materials of premium quality at competitive prices.
  2. Our ideal location in the heart of Europe allows us to deliver your orders quickly and flexibly.
  3. We provide you the opportunity to reduce the thickness of your PE film by 10-20% without compromising their mechanical properties to reduce your costs.
  4. As a manufacturing company, having a direct supplier-customer relationship with us ensures quality assurance, direct customer support, better prices, and personalized approach when purchasing our sustainable packaging solutions.
  5. We enable the use of components made from recycled materials up to 100%. Reduce your carbon footprint and make your business more environmentally sustainable with us.

Stretch-hood films

Modern self-shrinking stretch-hood films for efficient and energy-friendly packaging of your pallets. With our stretch-hood films, your palletized goods will be extremely securely wrapped, using less material and lower energy consumption.

Achieve all the benefits of stretch-hood films – excellent protection against external influences, excellent strength, flexibility, and outstanding optical properties.

PETRIO pe ldpe hpde folie stretch hood

Reduce the thickness of your PE film by up to 20% and save costs with us!

Pressure for efficiency and cost savings are demanding goals that all market participants share. At PETRIO, we understand this very well. The trend towards sustainability, together with the need to reduce material consumption, represents a challenge that we are ready to help you successfully master.

Our advanced technological equipment allows us to achieve a high level of mechanical properties of the film, especially in terms of strength and tear resistance. This provides us the necessary space to reduce the thickness of your PE packaging material by 10 – 20% without compromising on quality parameters. Interested to know more?

Innovative production

Regular investments to technological innovation are a dominant feature of the approach that has long been pursued by the management of our company.

The backbone of our production is the state-of-art coextrusion production line for PE film in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. High level of automation, digitalization, and full compatibility with the concept of Industry 4.0 allow us to produce three-layer (3-Coex) polyethylene films in large volumes with top-quality parameters.