Products & Solutions for Industries

Our high-performance sustainable polyethylene films in various forms are successfully used in food, construction, wood processing, engineering, agriculture and various other industries.

Our sustainable PE packaging solutions provide you with a perfectly strong fixation of your goods, protecting them from external and industrial influences, moisture and dust.

They enable you to create airtight and watertight packaging with a long service life and retain their properties over a wide temperature range.

PETRIO pe ldpe hdpe folie produkty
PETRIO pe ldpe hdpe folie produkty

Thanks to their transparency, they allow advertising communication of your brand or visual control of the packaged content.

All our PE films are 100% recyclable, health-safe and certified for direct food contact.

Depending on the customer’s requirement, we produce sustainable LDPE/HDPE packaging material with up to 100% recycled raw material component. Achieve greater environmental sustainability for your business with us – without compromising on the quality of your product packaging.

Our extensive offer also includes solutions for you in the form of optimizing the parameters of your PE film. Save your costs with us and get more for less. You also benefit from a lower carbon footprint of your production.

We produce PE films intelligently and sustainably. This is our mission. Take a look at our offer.

Reduce the thickness of your PE film by up to 20% and save costs with us!

Pressure for efficiency and cost savings are demanding goals that all market participants share. At PETRIO, we understand this very well. The trend towards sustainability, together with the need to reduce material consumption, represents a challenge that we are ready to help you successfully master.

Our advanced technological equipment allows us to achieve a high level of mechanical properties of the film, especially in terms of strength and tear resistance. This provides us the necessary space to reduce the thickness of your PE packaging material by 10 – 20% without compromising on quality parameters. Interested to know more?