Timber industry film

Your wood products are exposed to harsh conditions during storage, transport and handling. Wrapped in our LDPE packaging material, they will be reliably protected from external influences throughout the entire cycle.

We provide you with high-quality and sustainable packaging for your pellets or briquettes, cover your boards or planed timber, and provide safe protection for your furniture products or floor coverings.

Our LDPE packaging solutions are characterised by their high quality weldability in case you need to seal your packages. In case of pigmentation (discoloration) of the film, we achieve high impermeability to light. To avoid the influence of external factors, our PE films are equipped with reliable UV stabilisation and their technical life is thus extended.

PETRIO pe ldpe hdpe folie drevospracujuci priemysel
PETRIO pe ldpe hdpe folie drevospracujuci priemysel

The possibility of printing with high-quality flexographic printing to achieve the necessary marketing communication of your brand is a matter of course.

From an ecological point of view, our sustainable packaging material is 100% recyclable. We also allow the use of a recycled raw material component up to 100%

Thanks to our advanced technological equipment, we are able to produce LDPE films with superior mechanical properties at a lower than conventionally used thickness. This means saving on your material and handling costs such as transport and waste disposal. Reduce the carbon footprint of your production and save your costs with us!

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Súhlas so spracovaním osobných údajov

Technical specifications


  • pellets
  • briquettes
  • boards, beams, planed timber
  • furniture
  • floor coverings – laminate, vinyl, wood

Product type:

  • LDPE heat shrink film
  • LDPE stretch film


  • flat film – suitable for VFFS (vertical form-fill-seal) packaging lines or for manual or machine packaging of goods on pallets
  • tubular film – suitable for TFFS (tubular form-fill-seal) packaging lines
  • half-tubular film
  • option to produce with or without tabs


  • width: 50 – 2100 mm (tube circumference 6000 mm)
  • thickness: 20 – 200 µm
  • roll weight: max. 1000 kg
  • outer roll diameter: up to 1200 mm
  • inner diameter 76mm and 152mm


  • transparent
  • colored – various degrees of opacity (in case of unwanted sunlight or visibility of contents)
  • UV stabilized – with extended service life in outdoor storage conditions (6 – 36 months)
  • antistatic – with protection against electrostatic charge
  • sliding – if necessary, the films can slide against each other in operation
  • non-slip – if necessary, fixation when placing multiple packages on a pallet
  • perforated – with removal of excess air from the packaging or ensuring its constant supply
  • ionized
  • printed (max. 6 colors)

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